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Saturday, 15 June 2024 4.34 PM IST

Animon goes back on previous statement, says fund collection intended for head office of organization in T'puram


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Federation of Kerala Hotel Association Idukki District President and State Vice President Animon has come up with a new explanation on the bar bribery allegation. Going back on his previous statement, Animon's said that he asked for Rs 2.5 lakhs each from the bar owners to build a headquarters for the organization in Thiruvananthapuram. Animon publicized the letter he wrote to the organization's members explaining the matter. This was released after the crime branch started an investigation.

Animon's letter states that his voice message caused a misunderstanding among everyone, the intended meaning was not conveyed and the message led to accusations against the ruling front and the government. This also made it difficult for the bar owners. He also expressed his regret for the trouble he had caused.

Relevant parts of the letter

Idukki is lagging behind in the contribution to the headquarters building fund. Sunil Kumar, president of the organization, said in the meeting that the reason for the lack of cooperation was Animon's attitude. There was a shortfall of Rs 1.75 crore shortfall for registration. Sunil Kumar said that the executive members should pay Rs 2.5 lakhs each or else he will not cooperate for anything. He said that no one should call asking what the policy (alcohol policy) is. When I questioned this, there was even personal abuse against me. He also accused me of trying to create a parallel organization. I have no part in it. I was of the opinion that why a office should be constructed in Thiruvananthapuram when there is already an office and place in Ernakulam.

When the uproar was intense, someone said that such people are a liability to the organization and should be suspended. I left saying that it should be a dismissal instead. I said it in the mood at that time. It was not taken in the intended meaning. I know it's hard for everyone. I said that those who are willing to pay money for stamp paper registration should inform in the group.

Payment is made to the organization's account. I was concerned that President Sunilkumar should not fall out because of the fact that registration did not take place.

I learned from the later events that it caused inconvenience to bar and hotel operators and led to accusations against the government and the left front. I am sorry for the trouble I have caused to all my loved ones.

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