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Thursday, 25 July 2024 7.06 AM IST

Presence of authorized instructors in person is not practical; All Kerala Driving School Workers Union to start indefinite strike


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The driving test is being held up again due to the requirement of the presence of authorized instructors in person. Driving tests were disrupted in many places in the state as driving school owners and employees organized protests. Even the driving schools that came with accredited instructors gave in to pressure from others and refrained from participating in the test.

The law states that driving should be taught only by instructors who have the qualifications specified by the Motor Vehicles Department. However, driving is taught by others in most driving schools. Most of them are not qualified to teach driving. Most schools only present certified trainers when the school obtains and renews its license. The Motor Vehicle Department found that many of them are working other jobs and not even present in the location.

The Department of Motor Vehicles put forward the requirement that authorized trainers should reach the testing ground with the learners to prevent this irregularity. Driving schools say this condition is unacceptable. Driving school organizations are of the view that it is not practical for certified trainers to arrive in the morning whenever there is a test. The move is to boycott the test in protest.

The All Kerala Driving School Workers Union CITU will start an indefinite strike in front of the Secretariat to protest against the government's actions. The Driving School Owners and Workers' Federation (AITUC) also demanded the withdrawal of the requirement for the physical presence of authorized instructors. Meanwhile, the Motor Vehicle Department is of the position that the government will take the decision forward.

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