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Friday, 30 September 2022 11.29 AM IST

Orders will become mere recommendations, Lokayukta to become white elephant


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Lokayukta is an institution where ordinary people can complain about corruption, nepotism and abuse of power by public servants, officers and administrators and sue them without the permission of the government. Anti-corruption struggles in Kerala will face a setback if the powers of the Lokayukta are curtailed through an amendment.

Earlier, Vigilance was able to file cases whenever it receives a complaint regarding corruption. Following the introduction of the amendment, Vigilance is unable to file cases without government approval. The vigilance court also needs the government's permission to file a case. In the case of Lokayukta, a complaint can be filed on white paper by pasting a court fee stamp of Rs 150.

The Lokayukta is a committee with quasi-judicial powers consisting of a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or a High Court as head and two former High Court judges as the Upalokayukta, a District Judge as Registrar and a Sub Judge as Deputy Registrar. The agency headed by the IG of Police will investigate and find corruption. The order issued by the Lokayukta after hearing arguments and taking evidence from both parties will be reviewed by a committee of the Chief Minister, Speaker, Leader of the Opposition and Law and Revenue Ministers. As per the proposed amendment, this committee will be able to either accept or reject Lokayukta's order. With this amendment, the Lokayukta's orders will be merely recommendations.

The government is planning to amend section 14 which states that if the allegation against a public servant is proved and the Lokayukta declares that he should not continue in the service, he should resign immediately.

  • 2.08 crore- Amount spent by the government annually on Lokayukta office
  • 56.68 lakhs- Annual salary of Lokayukta and Upalokayukta

Cases are decreasing

  • In 2016-1264
  • In 2017-1673
  • In 2018-1578
  • In 2019- 1057
  • In 2020-205
  • In 2021-227
  • In 2022-16
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