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Saturday, 20 April 2024 6.43 AM IST

Passenger gets worms from sandwich onboard flight, airline issues apology


NEW DELHI: A woman took to Instagram to complain that she got worms from a sandwich served on the plane. The incident took place on an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

The woman immediately informed the authorities about seeing the worm in the sandwich. But they continued to serve sandwiches to other passengers, including children. In addition to this, the woman asks what if someone catches infection.

"Had the worst experience in @indigo.6e Today @fssai_safefood @ficsi_foodssc

I will Lodge an official complain via email soon.
But as a Public Health professional I want to know despite of knowing the quality of Sandwich was not good and informing the Flight attendant prior she still continued to serve sandwiches to other passengers . There were kids , elderly and other passengers …. What if any one catches infection.
A polite note or informing the Passengers would have saved them from eating the Sandwich.
I immediately rushed or conveyed her after consuming one bite but all she said ‘I will replace it with some other thing.’ I will bring it to department notice and later came with a Goodie. Which I refused to take. I didn’t wanted to create a panic situation ….
but Her first Action should have been to make other passenger aware so that They make an informed Decision of Consuming the Sandwich or not.
You are trained to save our lives if god forbidden any thing happens but shouldn’t this be Included in the same SOP.
1. The quality need to be questioned
2. Despite of having the knowledge why did she served to other fellow passenger.

I brought this issue under consideration to Create awareness … I dnt need any
Compensation or Refund ….
Just one assurance that Passenger Health & Safety should be your Top most Priority," her Instagram post reads.

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In a statement, IndiGo apologized and said that it is investigating the incident to take appropriate action.

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