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Sunday, 16 June 2024 2.52 PM IST

'Acupuncture treatment for childbirth, husband's arrogance'; Shocking details in Shamseera Beevi's tragic death


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: It is doubted that Karakkamandapam native Shameera Bivi (36) who died during childbirth was treated by fraudsters who came in the disguise of doctors. Palakkad native Shameera and the newborn died tragically on Tuesday night.

According to neighbours, Shameera’s husband Nayas misbehaved with Asha workers and never allowed anyone to approach Shameera.

When Shameera fell ill one month ago, the neighbours alerted Nayas’s first wife and children about the incident. The first wife came to the spot and took away Shameera for treatment. However, after she returned to Nayas, Shameera practised silence and rarely spoke to anyone.

When Asha Workers reached the location to instruct on childbirth, Nayas chided them and asked them not to interfere in his family matters. Neighbours raised suspicion about seeing a couple arriving in a car a few times to provide treatment for Shameera. It is doubted that the group relied on acupuncture to induce labour.

Another neighbour also revealed that Nayas told his wife to give birth through acupuncture treatment. Shameera’s first delivery was conducted in Nedumangad Hospital. Neighbors remember how during that time Nayas refused hospital treatment. It was at the behest of neighbours that Shameera received proper hospital treatment during her first labour. In fear of Nayas leaving her for another woman, even Shameera reluctantly refused to seek hospital treatment since then.

Meanwhile, ward councillor U Deepika said Shameera wanted to be taken to hospital for treatment and explained how Nayas denied entry into the house when they came to persuade Shameera to seek hospital treatment. He disavowed the healthcare facility in Kerala and blamed Shameera’s first pregnancy which was a Cesarean birth. Nayas insisted that he would not commit the mistake again and wanted Shameera to give normal birth this time.

The councillor also revealed another incident when she came along with an entourage of police to the house to counter Nayas. However, this time, Shameera shocked everyone saying that she wished to go with her husband’s command and asked all others not to intervene in the matter.

Shihab, a resident of Venjaramoodu, who runs a clinic in Beemapally is suspected to have treated Shameera in childbirth. Shameera's first two deliveries were by caesarean section. Nayas's daughter from his first wife is now studying acupuncture. It is reported that Shameera's daughter was also present at the time of delivery. The police have started a search for those who were present at the time of delivery.

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