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Wednesday, 22 May 2024 1.25 PM IST

Party's role in the Panoor bomb blast case: CPM in trouble; Chief Minister and Party Secretary with explanation


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Following challenges posed by ED summons and the Income Tax Department freezing party accounts, evidence revealing the party's role in the Panoor bomb blast case has put the CPM on the defensive. With two weeks to go to the polls, the Congress is stoking the issue by alleging that the bombs were made to attack them.

LDF is struggling because it cannot find justification. Question is being raised against the government as to why the Home Department and the police ignored the intelligence warning about the bomb blast.

Local leaders attended the funeral of the slain suspect when the party reiterated that the accused in the bomb blast case had no connection with the party. More party workers were arrested in connection with the incident. With this, the Left Front, which had gained the upper hand in the campaign, had to take a step on the defensive.

Apart from Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Party State Secretary MV Govindan, CPI State Secretary Binoy Viswam also came forward for this. State Secretary VK Sanoj said that DYFI has no connection and responded that strong action will be taken if anyone is responsible.

Inconsistency in explanations

Amal Babu, who was arrested by the police for removing the remnants of the bombs after the blast, is a DYFI unit secretary. Mithun, who was arrested from Bengaluru in a conspiracy case, is a Red Volunteer captain.

MV Govindan's explanation: Amal Babu went to the blast site as a volunteer. Amal Babu was arrested by the police by mistake. The accused involved in bomb-making had attacked CPM workers and their houses in the past.

Chief Minister: Strong action will be taken in the bomb blast case. No soft approach will be taken towards criminals.

Two members of the party's Panoor area committee and a member of the Poyiloor local committee attended the funeral of Sherin who was killed in the blast.

Explanation: It is only humane to visit the houses of the dead and comfort the relatives.

The Chief Minister said that politics should not be seen in it. CPM Panoor Area Secretary KE Kunjabdulla said that there was a lack of vigilance. KK Shailaja, LDF candidate from Vadakara, said that they will look into the matter.

'The person killed in the bomb blast, those who participated in the funeral ceremony, those who were injured and those who took them to the hospital are all CPM workers.'

-V.D. Satheesan, Leader of the Opposition

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