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Thursday, 20 June 2024 7.45 AM IST

‘Gesture can be seen from back seat of car’; Mayor-KSRTC driver dispute re-enacted by police


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The dispute incidents were re-enacted as part of an investigation into Mayor Arya Rajendran's complaint that driver Yadu made an obscene gesture while driving the bus. The re-enactment occurred last night, with a bus and a car driven from Pattam Plamood to PMG. The police confirmed they had received evidence supporting the mayor's complaint. The investigation revealed that if the driver makes an obscene gesture, it is visible to someone sitting in the back seat of a car. The re-enactment was conducted at the same time as the original incident.

The case, initially investigated by the Cantonment Police, is now being handled by the Museum Police. Mayor Arya Rajendran provided a confidential statement regarding the complaint against Yadu. This statement was given in the Judicial First Class Magistrate Court on the 12th.

Meanwhile, according to passenger testimonies, the mayor's husband and MLA, Sachin Dev, boarded the KSRTC bus during the altercation. Witnesses stated that the MLA requested the vehicle be taken to the police station. The fact that the MLA boarded the bus was also recorded in the trip sheet by the bus conductor. The police collected this document from KSRTC.

The incident occurred on the night of April 27 in Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram. A verbal altercation ensued between the mayor and the KSRTC driver over the driver not giving way to the mayor's vehicle. Mayor Arya Rajendran filed a complaint with the Cantonment Police, alleging that the KSRTC driver misbehaved and made obscene gestures. Consequently, the police registered a case against LH Yadu, the driver from the Thampanoor depot.

Arya Rajendran and her team were travelling in a private vehicle. From Pattom, their car was behind the bus. There was a verbal argument with the KSRTC bus driver, who allegedly did not give them space and overtook them on the left side. At Palayam, the car overtook and stopped in front of the bus, leading to a verbal confrontation. The mayor lodged a complaint with the Cantonment Police claiming the driver misbehaved and made obscene gestures.

However, Yadu stated to the police that he did not realize the mayor's vehicle had stopped. He also complained that the mayor misbehaved with him and obstructed the bus service by stopping her vehicle. Initially, the police did not take any action prompting Yadu to approach the court. As a result, a case was registered against Arya Rajendran and Sachin Dev.

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