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Thursday, 01 June 2023 12.51 AM IST

Minister K Radhakrishnan with conciliatory move to settle opposition protests; Chief Minister and VD Satheesan may hold a discussion


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Government with a conciliatory move to settle the opposition protests. As part of this, Parliamentary Affairs Minister K Radhakrishnan held a meeting with Opposition Leader VD Satheesan. It is also reported that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan may hold talks with opposition leaders on the issue.
Minister Radhakrishnan went to VD Satheesan's room and held a meeting with him. The minister requested the opposition to cooperate with the proceedings of the assembly. The leader of the opposition said that there is no disagreement in cooperation but the issues raised by the opposition should be resolved. The situation of dismissing urgent motion notices should be avoided. Action should be taken against the Watch and Wards and the two ruling party MLAs, who attacked the opposition MLAs in front of the Speaker's office. VD Satheesan also asked the minister to withdraw the case against the opposition MLAs. The opposition is in a position to cooperate with the proceedings of the assembly if these conditions can be accepted. The leader of the opposition said that there is no obstacle to the discussion with Chief Minister. But it is not clear whether the ruling party will be ready to accept all the demands put forward by the opposition.

Due to the protest of the opposition, the question and answer session was canceled in the same manner as the previous day and the House was adjourned. The assembly met for only nine minutes today. As soon as the question and answer session started, the opposition raised slogans and protested. The leader of the opposition said that the complainant is like a defendant in the incidents that took place in the past few days. Opposition leader VD Satheesan also said that the seven MLAs who were complainants have also become defendants. A case was registered against them under the non-bailable category. The opposition protested against this. The opposition continued to protest during the question and answer session and the speaker switched off the opposition leader's mic.

On the other hand, the ruling party also raised protests against the opposition. The opposition protested with slogans and came to the center with placards. The speaker then canceled the rest of the question session.

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