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Tuesday, 06 December 2022 9.41 AM IST

Indian Sikh brother finally meets Pakistani sister after 75 years


The Kartarpur Corridor witnessed emotional scenes after a man, who got separated from his parents 75 years ago, finally met his sister in Pakistan.

In 1947, when Amarjit Singh was only a few months old, his Muslim parents left for Pakistan, However, they left him back in India along with his sister. All eyes went teary as they saw the emotional scenes of Amarjit Singh uniting with his sister Kulsoom Akhtar in Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur after 75 years.

Amarjit Singh arrived in Pakistan via the Wagah border with a visa to meet his Muslim sister. 65-year-old Kulsoom, was not able to control her emotions when she saw Amarjit.

The siblings hugged each other and kept crying. Kulsoom had travelled from her hometown in Faisalabad along with her son and other family members to meet her brother.

The parents of Amarjit and Kulsoom went to Pakistan from the suburbs of the Jalandhar region of India in 1947, leaving behind Amarjit and a sister.

Kulsoom, who was born in Pakistan, used to hear about her lost brother and a sister from her mother. She said that her mother used to cry every time whenever she remembered her missing children.

Kulsoom said that she did not expect that she would ever be able to meet her brother and sister. However, a few years ago, a friend of her father Sardar Dara Singh came to Pakistan from India and also met her.

Kulsoom's mother told Singh about her son and daughter she left behind in India. She also told him the name of their village and the location of their house in the neighbouring country.

Amarjit then visited her house in Padawan village of Jalandhar and informed her that her son was alive but her daughter was dead.

Her son was named Amarjit Singh who was adopted by a Sikh family back then in 1947.

After getting the brother's information, Amarjit and Kulsoom Akhtar contacted on WhatsApp and using the Kartarpur Corridor and the meeting between the two siblings became a reality.

Now an elderly man, Sardar Amarjit Singh came to Gurdwara Sahib in a wheelchair. Kulsoom Akhtar reached Kartarpur from Faisalabad along with her son. Both of them kept crying while embracing each other and remembering their parents.

Amarjit said that when he first learned that his real parents were in Pakistan and were Muslims, it was a shock to him. However, he comforted his heart that many families were separated from each other in addition to his own family.

He said that he always wanted to meet his real sister and brothers. He said that he is happy to know that three of his brothers are alive. However, one brother who was in Germany has passed away.

He said he will now come to Pakistan via the Wagah border with a visa and spend time with his family. He also said that he will take his family to India as well so that they could meet their Sikh family. Both the siblings had brought many gifts for each other.

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