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Tuesday, 25 June 2024 2.00 AM IST

Thiruvananthapuram sees no respite from waterlogging issues over ineffective cleansing measures


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Even when people are struggling due to waterlogging, the municipal corporation and officials are left in the dark without any solutions. The city was previously submerged in water in October 2023. Even after seven months, this has not been resolved. The measures to prevent floods were announced under the leadership of three ministers and people's representatives, but that too turned out to be a line drawn in the water.

Kannammula, Anayara, Kadakampally, Thampanoor and East Fort, which were inundated last time, are in the same situation this time as well. There are more than 1000 drains in the city. There is waterlogging in about 20 areas like Thampanoor, East Fort, Palayam, Chacka, and Attakulangara. This is due to the accumulation of waste in the drains and sand washed down. Apart from the municipality, the city also has the drains of Kerala Road Fund Board, PWD and Railways.

Cleansing claims are an eyewash

Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation, the largest local body in Kerala, spends the most amount on pre-monsoon cleansing. Rs 2 to 2.5 lakhs has been given to each ward this time. Yesterday was the last day for pre-monsoon cleaning. So far, not even a quarter of the wards have been cleaned.

The review meeting chaired by Mayor Arya Rajendran, who returned to the capital last day after visiting Munnar, did not come to a decision regarding cleaning. Despite claiming to have spent Rs 2.5 lakh on each ward, neither the mayor nor the authorities have given a proper answer to the overflowing drains. The waterlogging can be solved completely only if the drains of the municipality and other government departments are cleaned. The cleaning of 'Aamayizhanchan' canal, which needs to be cleaned mainly, has not been completed yet. The work to remove the landslide on the 117 meter area on the railway side is not even half complete. The work to remove the soil from the reservoir in Ponnara Sreedharan Park, which caused the waterlogging in Thampanoor, has also not started.

Drains of no use

The Anadi-Plamoodu road, which was renovated after the last flood, was flooded last day. A few days ago, where there is permanent waterlogging, it was renovated at the cost of lakhs. The drains including the footpath are built a little higher from the road. The water flow stopped because the municipality did not remove the soil and garbage accumulated in the drain.

Same is the case with Chacka. Waterlogging occurs here even during light rains. When it rains, water rises knee-high on both sides of the road. This is causing traffic jams including on the bypass. The reason for the waterlogging of the road is that the drain in the bypass is filled with garbage without proper cleaning. A new road was built and renovated in the Chacka area a few months ago.

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