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Sunday, 29 May 2022 7.04 AM IST

Conspiracy to kill and actress assault case: Six points that could lead to fall of Dileep


KOCHI: Dileep has found himself in the middle of the storm following the revelations of his friend Balachandra Kumar. Dileep is also an accused in the case of hatching conspiracy against investigators in addition to being the eighth accused in the actress assault case. As the probe teams have said that they have received crucial evidence in the conspiracy case, six points could prove to be key.

1. Balachandra Kumar has revealed that he has seen Pulsar Suni at Dileep's residence. A VIP gave the visuals of the actress being attacked to Dileep, which he saw with his brother-in-law on November 15, 2017. Balachandra Kumar told the police he witnessed this.

2. The accusations against in the letter Suni mailed to his mother Sobhana on May 7, 2018. Suni told his mother to release the letter if his life is in danger. This letter is in Crime Branch custody now. This could spell more trouble for Dileep.

3. Suni's mother Sobhana told the police that her son said his life was in danger and there was a murder attempt while he was in hiding. She further said that Suni did everything after Dileep asked him to. The problems started after Suni revealed Dileep's name and he has seen Sarath at Dileep's house, Sobhana said.

4. In his phone conversation with jail inmate Jinson, Suni admitted that he has seen Balachandra Kumar. There are some suspicions surrounding this phone call. If Jinson reveals the details of the phone call to probe officers, it could be a setback for Dileep.

5. Dileep is the prime accused in the case of hatching conspiracy to endanger investigating officers. His brother, relatives and friends are the other accused. The case is based on an audio recording given by Balachandra Kumar. If he is arrested in this case, that means he violated the bail conditions in the actress assault case.

6. The probe team has confirmed that the VIP who handed over the visuals of the actress being attacked is Dileep's friend Sarath. He is also accused in the conspiracy case and is currently absconding. Dileep could be in more trouble if the investigators find the 'madam' mentioned by the actor in an audio recording.

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