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Thursday, 29 September 2022 9.13 PM IST

Govt to appoint VC as per its wishes if it manages to curtail power of Govenor


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: If the bill curtailing the Governor's powers in VC selection becomes a law, the government will then have the power to appoint VCs in nine universities in the state as per its wish. Political exuberance in universities will also intensify with this. At the same time, there are concerns that the governor might withhold the bill indefinitely without signing it as the bill is intended to curtail his powers as Chancellor.

Currently, a three-member committee, consisting of the governor’s nominee, a UGC nominee and a university nominee, prepares the vice chancellor’s panel and submits it to the governor. The governor, who is the chancellor, shall appoint one person from the panel as the vice-chancellor. Once the bill becomes an act, the governor will lose his power to nominate a member to the committee. Instead, the member will be recommended by the government.

The government had earlier experienced the misfortune of the governor Arif Mohammad Khan appointing Dr Mohan Kunmmal, by overlooking the first two people from the panel given by the search committee for the appointment of VC of Health University. Those who were ignored by the governor are Praveenlal and former Chief Minister C Achuthamenon's son Dr V Ramankutty. Although the government informed that it was interested in making Praveenlal VC, the governor did not agree to it. The government is now aiming to eliminate such setbacks through the amendment of the law. At the same time, the government claims that the amendment is to prevent the Governor's move to appoint those of his interest on the recommendation of the UGC and Chancellor's representatives.

There is an assessment that if a person of the government's interest is made a VC, political interference will increase and the autonomy of the universities will be lost.

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