Alleged Medical negligence: Docs perform hernia operation on seven-yr-old boy by mistake


MANJERRI: In a case of alleged medical negligence, doctors in Manjerri Medical College performed operation for hernia on a seven-yr-old boy while actually his case was posted for a surgery on his nose. Another boy was awaiting hernia operation and the doctors goofed up, finally ending up picking the wrong person.

The serious flaw happened in the case of Danish, the son of Karuvarakkundu native couple Majeed and Jahan.

The incident reportedly happened on Tuesday morning at 8. Hernia operation was actually scheduled for Dhanush, the son of Palakkad Mannarkkadu native couple Unni Krishnan and Kunju Lakshmi. Dhanush and Danish were together admitted in the operation theatre for surgeries.

Danish’ parents noticed the surgery marks on the stomach of their son only when he was taken out of the operation theatre. When this was brought to the notice of the authorities, he was again taken inside the operation theatre for operation on nose to rectify the curve inside the nose.

Meanwhile the doctors who operated Danish said that hernia was spotted as soon as he was admitted in the operation theatre and hence he was operated upon. But, the parents said that the doctors had not sought their permission before operating their son for hernia.

They alleged that the doctors committed mistake as there was error in the names written on the tag tied on the wrist of the two patients before operation. The parents have given complaints to the authorities, demanding action against the errant doctors.
Danish sought the first treatment in January 21 and the date for surgery was fixed later.

Doctor Nandakumar said the boy’s health condition is satisfactory and a detailed investigation would be conducted into the incident.