Lucky goddess tested power of friendship by giving lottery


MUNNAR: Harikrishnan and Sabu decided to buy a lottery ticket together not because they didn’t have the money to buy it separately, but faith of friendship made them do it. R Harikrishnan, a native of Munnar New Colony and his neighbour and friend Sabu jointly bought Win Win lottery last Monday. Harikrishnan kept the ticket with him safely.

To test the strength of their friendship, first prize was gifted to them. The two along with the panchayat member went to the bank with the ticket. As the ticket was jointly taken by the two, the bank authorities insisted for a joint account. The bank asked them to come the next day with proofs. When they returned from the bank, Sabu took the ticket from Harikrishnan. When Harikrishnan called Sabu the next day, his phone was switched off. His house was also found locked. Their friendship melted before 60 lakhs. He soon reached the police station and lodged a complaint against Sabu. Sabu reached Munnar in search of a job.