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Wednesday, 25 November 2020 8.26 AM IST

Editorial: Why the govt wants to withdraw the general consent for the CBI to investigate any case


The state government is preparing to withdraw the general consent for the CBI to investigate any case. Such a controversial decision has already paved the way for heated debates in the public sphere.

The motive behind the move to crack down on the CBI is widely debated. The LDF led by CPM and its constituent party CPI (M) have been fighting the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and accusing the BJP government at the Centre of misusing the CBI for political purposes. It is learned that an important decision to rein in the CBI will be considered by the next cabinet meeting.

To establish the claim that the Centre had sent the CBI to the State to demean the ruling party, the State government has been pointing the investigation into the Life Mission project but the massive scam behind the contract for the construction of the Life Mission flat in Wadakkanchery is already the talk of the town
a flat complex in Wadakkanchery for the poor homeless is already rampant in the country.

The Kerala government is 'seriously considering' to withdraw the general consent given to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the state's law minister A K Balan informed recently, hinting at the possibility of Kerala joining the growing list of Opposition-ruled states that have either withdrawn the general consent or have threatened to do so.

The Kerala government's statement of intent to block the CBI comes at a time when the spotlight is on CM Pinarayi Vijayan-led UDF government in the Life Mission project case and the same issue has been cited as the immediate trigger for the move to revoke general consent for the CBI.
If Kerala withdraws consent, then it would be following Maharashtra where the Uddhav Thackeray-led MVA government withdrew consent shortly after the CBI took up the probe in the fraud TRP case after being requested by the Uttar Pradesh government.

The Opposition in Kerala has criticised the move, with both the Congress and the BJP alleging that the ruling government was trying to save itself by attempting to block the CBI.

Usually, the CBI will take up a case only if the State governments or the court make an appeal for it. But in any sensational case, the general public will be looking forward to probing the case by the CBI.
Now, there is no pointing in hiding the fact that there is political reason for the State government to make the CBI probe, its discretion.
It is natural for an investigation agency to sway under the influence of the ruling party. Even when we take the case of State police, it is very well influenced by the ruling party.

Usually during the fag end of its regime, any government will desist from taking controversial decisions but it has been not the case with the LDF government in Kerala.

Kerala is a state where CBI has got great acceptance. Even today there is no dearth of demands for CBI probe in certain cases, which are widely thought to be unmanageable by the State police due to political circumstances..

Cutting across party lines, ruling as well as Opposition parties have recommended for CBI probe in many cases. Though the State government doesn’t want to give permission, it will have to give permission if there is interference from top courts. This truth cannot be forgotten. This is what happens in many cases. Actually, what should be kept away from your doorsteps is not CBI but unlawful, unjustifiable activities.

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