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Thursday, 21 January 2021 5.26 AM IST

The victims of hastiness of power


The society and ruling class is now on the ‘lookout’ for the persons responsible for the hasty eviction of Neyyattinkara couple and their children that finally led to their tragic death.

The hasty move of the officials including police and lawyer's commission to evict Rajan and family from the land ended up in the death of the couple Rajan and Ambili. Two lives would have been saved if the officials had the patience to wait for 30 minutes as the High Court was considering Rajan’s appeal against the eviction.
Rajan and his wife Ambili who were residing near Nettathottam colony in Pongil here attempted to set themselves on fire when the police and lawyer's commission tried to evict them from their house abiding to a court order. The incident took place on December 22. The couple succumbed to the burn injuries later.
Soon after the accidental self-immolation, the High Court issued an interim order restricting the eviction till January 15. The court also directed to send a notice to the defendant party.
Police and the lawyer's commission reached Rajan’s house 30 minutes before the High Court issued the order.
Though Rajan told them that he will produce the stay order, they refused to accept it and forced him to leave the house when he was having lunch, his sons Rahul and Ranjith said.
On June 16, Neyyattinkara munsif court ordered to evict Rajan and family from the land as per the complaint of his neighbour.
Rajan filed an appeal against this order in district court in October.As he was late to submit the appeal, the court proceedings to consider the plea was also delayed.
Amidst this, the munsif court issued an order directing to implement the incumbent order. Following this, Rajan approached the High Court.
If the policemen and the Munsiff court staff had shown some patient, this big tragedy would have been averted.

Rajan threatened to kill himself by dousing his body with petrol and lighting the lighter after holding his wife close to him.
The police should have acted wisely and with presence of mind to avert the mishap.
The police actually tried to avert the tragedy by pushing down the lighter but it accidentally fell on the couple’s bodies and in no time, both were engulfed in fire.

The police of ASI rank didn’t even show the basic responsibility at that time, let alone the basic common sense.
This is the reason why the entire state police have come under fire.
There is also a standing order that the police should not be sent to evict people if there is no law and order problem.
Even there is departmental ban against such action. Then why did police acted in such haste to implement Munsiff court order?
The government suddenly turning into the custodians of the two boys who lost their parents in the most unexpected manner can be seen as an atonement for the police lapses.
The government has assured the children a house in some other place rather at the disputed site.
The government will also bear the expense of children’s education expense.
These helps are on humanitarian grounds but the loss is irreparable for the children.
The last moments of their parents will keep haunting them.
Unfortunately, such incidents happens every year due to the recklessness of ruling community.
At least in some of those instances the irate general public will react. The night-long protest in Neyyattinkara on Tuesday is one of them.
This was what forced the government to rush help to the children.

More condemnable was the attitude of the police during the cremation of Rajan and Ambili. The wrath and rebuke they took out against the 17-yr-old son of Rajan are evident from the footages appearing on social media. The Neyyatinkara issue brings to light the need for intense workshops to teach police how to behave with people.
The incident will remain as one of the black chapters of misuse of power.

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