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Friday, 24 September 2021 3.07 AM IST

Don’t fall for slander campaign


Like children who are not been able to benefit in exams even after getting more than enough time to prepare, all the major political parties are in a state of disarray. Even as the last day for submission of nomination papers is close, the dispute regarding candidate selection is still going on. Resignations, threats are all heating up the political atmosphere. Though this is a phenomenon seen in any elections, the fact that this is in a bigger magnitude this time is due to the lack of homework.

Most of the candidates have been selected. As there is not many days left for voting, candidates might not be able to reach everywhere and request votes. Parties might have to go for ad campaigns. You have to take each step within the strict rules of Election Code of Conduct. The will be stories that are cooked up against the opponents so as to get an advantage.

Social media will be busy this election season. Baseless stories will be created from these centres. The Election Commission should be able to oversee this. The mainstream media usually adhere to norms and maintain self control. That's not the case with most people who have a smartphone in their hand. Fake stories could spread like wildfire on social media. This could mislead a lot of people. The battle to gain advantage may cross all boundaries of decency. One could be fooled if attention is not given. Even people with big reputation resort to cheap tricks as the election battle gets intense. Chief Minister of Bengal Mamata Banerjee has a large political background and despite did such a thing. While entering her car after submitting nomination papers, Mamata fell down and injured herself. She tried to make her opponent responsible this and portrayed it as an attack. At last, it came down to the Election Commission to bring out the truth. It is all part and parcel during election time. We should try to find facts rather than believing everything that comes across.

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