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Sunday, 16 May 2021 12.23 PM IST

Only courts can crack down on the corrupt


This is a time when, anywhere in the world, there is no shortage of rulers who see power as a license for corruption. Anil Deshmukh, the former Home Minister of Maharashtra, was forced to resign due to corruption. Deshmukh was accused of secretly instructing the police to collect Rs 100 crore a month from the bars.
Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh had filed a petition in the High Court alleging serious offenses against Deshmukh. It was alleged in the petition that the minister was inciting the police to commit a mistake while in office. It also sought an order from the top Investigation Agency to investigate the case. After considering the petition, the High Court directed the CBI to conduct a preliminary inquiry into the allegations of corruption within 15 days and submit a report. He was forced to resign from the ministry. The state government and Deshmukh have made it clear that they will go to the Supreme Court against the High Court order. The higher the level of corruption, the higher their legal battles will be.

There is no shortage of money to go for the legal fight till the last extent. He can also have the highest level of legal assistance available in the country. This is evident from the story of all the corrupt heroes who are amassing illegal wealth in the country. The High Court held that the allegations leveled against Anil Deshmukh were baseless. During his tenure as Home Minister, the Minister unashamedly asked a police officer under him to collect Rs 100 crore every month from bars, pubs, big hotels and hookah parlors. Assistant Inspector Sachin Vaze was appointed by the Minister. The working style of the Home Minister in the coalition government is reminiscent of the underworld. Assistant Inspector Vaze, who was appointed by the minister to collect the bribe, is already infamous. He was arrested by the NIA in connection with the incident in which a vehicle was found hidden in front of businessman Ambani's residence. Deshmukh took over as home minister this time through a bargain. The intervention of his own party leader Sharad Pawar also helped him.

The people are in an unfortunate situation that they will have to turn a blind eye to the illegal actions of those who swear by the Constitution that they will not do anything immoral while in office.

When allegations of corruption arise, they are branded as politically motivated. Even if caught red-handed, it may take years to be punish the guilty. Every step is so laborious. A small fraction of the immense wealth accumulated through corruption is enough to cross every hurdle of the law. It is a situation wherein society comes and embraces the biggest corruption hero with open arms. People are seeing the amount of the black money flowing in elections. There is a limit to the amount of money that can be spent for campaign. But each candidate spends many times as much till the voting day. Who would not want to get back the money spent? Corruption is born there. If people like Maharashtra Home Minister go directly to the police for anything, many will secretly look for ways to do so. It is the courts that at least occasionally help to expose such people by tearing off their masks and undermining the value of democracy.

For money to be eliminated in elections, the costs must be borne entirely by the state. Although this proposal is already in place, it is generally of little interest to political parties. It is a great shortcoming that three and a half centuries after the independence of the country, electoral systems have not developed a healthy manner. What all ways are they trying to influence voters? In Tamil Nadu, Election Commission officials are reported to have seized Rs 500 crore in cash during this election season. It was collected to distribute to voters. Authorities found only a small portion of the counterfeit money, which was actually hidden. How many crores of votes would have been distributed as rewards? There were reports of illegal money being seized from the residence of the DMK leader's daughter. Concerns are growing about the future of democracy when we come to know that black money plays a decisive role in the in the struggle for power.

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