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Sunday, 27 September 2020 9.50 AM IST

EDITORIAL: The root of ganja mafia should be nipped


The recent chain of events shows that Kerala is a breeding ground for all kinds of illegal activities. Besides, gold smuggling case, narcotic smuggling, ganja smuggling, financial fraud and et al are becoming a big threat to society.
What has provided the manure for the growth of the drug mafia is the UDF and LDF government’s weird Abkari policy. Two days ago, the excise enforcement squad seized 501.5kg ganja, worth over Rs 20 crore, from a container lorry at Attingal. This, according to the excise, is the biggest seizure of ganja in the state, according to the excise.

A Kerala gang based in Mysore is suspected to be the people behind this. The ganja from Mysore was being transported to a godown at Chirayinkeezhu in the district, when the lorry was intercepted at Korani in Attingal by the excise sleuths.
The drugs in 229 packets, weighing 2kg to 5kg, were concealed above the driver's cabin.

Lorry driver Kuldeep Singh, 32, from Punjab, cleaner Krishna, 23, from Jharkhand and godown owner were nabbed. The accused said that the drugs were procured from Punjab native Raju Bhai, who is based out of Hyderabad. The lorry also belonged to Raju.

Kozhikode native Jithin Raj, who resides in Mysore, procured the ganja from Raju and sold the drugs in various parts of Kerala through dealers. The plan was to distribute 300kg to a Thrissur native and 100kg each to dealers from Kozhikode and Thalassery.
The drug racket planned to target students in Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Thiruvananthapuram.

Excise department is now relieved to have arrested the four main persons in the racket. Punjab native Rajubhai is the head.
The police have got the information that his gang was behind the 100 kg ganja smuggling case busted in Wayanad recently.
But the kigpin and his cronies are not yet arrested. This gang might have smuggled ganja and other narcotic items to the State, who knows?.
Central agencies will have to be called in for probe as the Excise and police have limitations and as the gangs will have links in various parts of the country.
Such cases should be not seen as a mere ganja case but as an anti-national activity. Take any educational institute in the State, drugs will be easily available in its surroundings. This is an open secret.
When big sharks rarely get caught small time drug smugglers get often caught.
Though the news about the arrests appear in media, there won’t be any follow-up of the incidents.
The smugglers’ role in organised crimes are very clear. This comes to light only when there is a big incident.

The Bengaluru drug hunt which has been going on for the past one week has been extended to bigwigs in the film industry. The other day a Malayali also got arrested.
It was he who supplied drugs to film stars in night clubs. The roots of the narcotic rackets have also reached Kerala.
Mafia teams that push the new generation into the narcotic trap is active everywhere.
Their activities are such that they make irrelevant the actions taken by the government against them.
As they have agents everywhere, a concerted effort can only bring them in front of the law.
By the by, people are living in fear of the mafia; informers have also been the victims of mafia attack many times.
The courage shown by mafia to knock DRI team off the road using the car in which they were smuggling gold from Kozhikode airport shows that they are ready to go any extend.
Despite beefing up security in airports, gold smuggling is taking place as usual through these four airports in the State. There are insiders to help them and the other day four supervisors were caught for trying to facilitate gold smuggling through Karipur airport.
They are said to be common links in gold smuggling incidents.
A former Customs Supt was arrested a few days ago for aiding smuggling of gold. Only a few of such officers get caught.
It seems that people has started forgetting the smuggling of gold through diplomatic channel. It’s habitual for people to forget old things when they get a new thing.
Many cases that have come here as storm have fizzled out as light winds. All these provide opportunities for mafia teams to flourish.

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