"Can't remember the old me"; Rai Laxmi's makeover stuns social media


Rai Laxmi is a popular face in Malayalam Cinema. Not only in Malayalam Cinema, has she made her footprint, but also in Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood. The star’s makeover pics are now going crazy viral on social media. Rai Laxmi now looks more beautiful with a fit body. She has shared her bikini pics on Instagram.

Happy with her new look, she captioned her pics like this:
Worked hard & how to achieve this bikini body ! can't remember the old me ! Struggled all my life gaining and loosing! Finally I Feel like a new person !!! I love the change in me being fit is just not a physical change but changes u overall I m glad I started !

So guys just wanna say believe in urself anything is achievable !

what ur not changing ur choosing !!!