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Friday, 14 August 2020 2.09 AM IST

Bedridden for eight years after accident, woman village officer seeks justice from government


PATHANAMTHITTA: A woman village officer who is bedridden for eight years now is struggling for income, as the authorities are not accepting her request to grant pension by removing her from service. Ajithakumari, of Saraswathi Vilasam in Koduman, was a village officer at Ilanthoor. Her service is up to May 2021.

Even though there is a provision by the name of 'invalid pension' to grant privilege, the authorities are saying that the medical documents are not enough. The family has a debt of over Rs 25 lakh. Ajithakumari's husband Rajan Pillai is unemployed and their children are still not settled in life.

Ajithakumari was involved in an accident on May 22, 2012, after which she ended up in the bed. At 5 pm on this day, she was on her way to a bus stop on the pillion seat of her coworker. The bike fell down and Ajithakumari suffered a head injury. She lost mobility and the ability to speak. Following this, she got full salary for two years.

She applied for invalid pension in 2018 for payments from 2014. Even after submitting medical records to the medical board, there were no actions. An amount of Rs 3.3 lakhs was allowed as reimbursement. But another person of the same name in Alappuzha happened to get the money. She was able to get Rs 67,000 later. The officials say that Rs 2 lakhs which was given from the chief minister's treatment fund was collected back from the reimbursed money.

Her husband approached the Human Rights Commission. The commission ordered to give 80 percent of the money that Ajithakumari should rightfully get. But the officials said they lost medical documents. Now the family has approached the high court with a plea to execute this order.

Due to the lack of loan repayment, an attachment notice was sent by the bank. Her daughter's educational loan has also lapsed and son's polytechnic studies are also hindered. Rajan Pillai went for daily wage labour to meet requirements but is now suffering from diabetes and other discomforts.

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