SFI-BJP clash in VTM NSS College: One student injured


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A student was injured during a clash that broke out between SFI and BJP students of Thiruvananthapuram Dhanuvachapuram VTM NSS college on Monday.

The tussle started when laddu was being distributed during the welcome fest organised for receiving first-year students on the first day of the academic year. The injured student is SFI Mathrukam district committee member Preeja.

During the clash, party worker hurled beer bottle and stones. Preeja’s head was injured by broken pieces of beer bottle.

'The SFI had planned to organise students’ chain under the title ‘Pizhutheriyam Jathivivechananthinte Verukal’ (Let us pull out roots of caste discrimination). It was against this the RSS students made an attack.

Preeja has been admitted to hospital.