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Tuesday, 18 January 2022 10.45 AM IST

His needs are limited; not drawn to luxury - Mohanlal opens up about Appu


Mohanlal is one of the most loved names in Malayalam film industry. Pranav, his son, has already started following his father’s path. Vismaya, his daughter has chosen the world of writing, for a career. Mohanlal opens up about his children in this note he wrote for a leading media.

“There’s an age gap of three years between my children. Both of them studied at Hebron School in Ootty. (The word “Hebron” is of Hebrew origin meaning “friend” or “Unite”) After his schooling, Pranav went to Australia to study Philosophy. Vismaya went to Prague, London, and the US to study theatre. More than remaining my children, they are my friends now.”

“I call Pranav Appu and Vismaya as Maya. Appu has acted in two movies till now. I have always watched Appu with love and wonder. While growing up, there were two things he loved – books and travel. It is the same, even now. I view the diversity of books in his library with respect and a tinge of jealousy. His collection has Jiddu Krishnamurti and U.G Krishnamurti, there’s Bruce Chatwin and Peter Matthiessen, Ramana Maharshi and Savarkar, Life of Aghoris, etc.”

“His journeys are distant and arduous. Sometimes he is in Rishikesh, Joshimath, Haridwar, or the Valley of Flowers; other times, he is in Amsterdam, Paris, or Pokhara in Nepal. You might even find him in Hampi, the capital of the Vijayanagara empire. I have never asked him what he seeks in these places; nor has he bothered to mention on his own. May be, that state of search cannot be explained in words. He still travels…reads. I stand watching.”

“I see the latest generation through Appu and Maya. I am able to identify their viewpoints, perspectives, outlook, decisions in life, tastes. When I compare it with my days, I often feel that the current generation is not bogged down by baggage. By baggage, I do not just mean the physical material we carry – it is also an outlook. Their lives are not complicated; nor they do have the desire to complicate it. They don’t believe in hoarding wealth. I am not sure they understand the essence of the pain involved in the pursuit of big dreams. (Why would Mohanlal’s kids need to do anything? – I have often heard that criticism. Appu, for example, is very prudent with money. He travels in buses and trains; stays in inexpensive accommodation. His needs are limited and he’s not drawn to luxury.) Most of them completely live in the present. They might have their own justifications for it.”

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